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There will be a tournament next saturday 14th March during the WarCon convention in Gent, Belgium.
There are still places, if you are interested, contact me.

10:00h Convention open¡ng.
10.30h First game. Mission 1: Rescue
12:00h Pause
12:30h Second game. Mission 2: The beast.
14:00h Pause.
14:15h Third game. Mission 3: Hamburger hill roof
16:00h Final result, Awards, hugs...

(International) Infinity Tournament.
250 pts, 5 SWC. Bring all the lists you want but you have to choose one before deployment. You can alternate vanilla and sectorial armies of the same faction (if you don't understand what I'm saying, send me a PM).
It's allowed to align one (1) mercenary troop of your choice (Combined Army players cannot contract mercenaries, for the moment).
There will be (if they arrive on time) a little prize for the first and second classified, for the worst player, for the best painter and for the most sportive player (not cumulative).

The missions.

Mission 1: The rescue.
Three markers are deployed in the central line of the table. They represent some important scientists, politic, journalist, prostitute... but, that's life, one is more important than the other. Your mission is to identify, control and evacuate the three scientist, specially the chosen one.
To identify a scientist you have to be in contact base to base with him/her and succeed on a normal WIP roll (short skill). When succeed roll a D20:
1-6. Just a normal VIP
7-13. THE VIP!
14-20. Just a normal VIP.
Once two VIPs have been identified as normal VIPs, the third marker is automatically THE VIP. Anyway you have to succeed on your WIP roll just to be sure.
To control the scientist a player has to synchronise him/her to one of his miniatures (see civilians rules for Infinity) and finish the game in that state.
To evacuate them they have to finish the game synchronised inside his/her deployment zone.
The game lasts 3 turns.

Victory Points:
Control a VIP: 1VP
Control THE VIP: 3VP
Evacuate a VIP: 1pts
Evacuate THE VIP: 2VP
Kill more army points than your rival: 1VP

Mission 2: The Beast.

Those scientists rescued on the first game have found a strange creature in the planet. Violent and evasive, it could be the key for some important medical researches. They would like you to obtain a blood sample from an adult exemplar.
The creature will be deployed in the central line of the board by the player who chose
Deployment, before the deployment of the players. Any miniature, marker, weapon, beacon or whatever can be deployed within 8" of the beast.
The game lasts 3 turns.

Victory Points:
CONTROL the beast, being that SEDATED : 6pt
CONTROL the beast, non-SEDATED : 3pt
DISPUTE the beast: 2pt
Take and keep a BLOOD SAMPLE of the beast: 4pt
For killing the beast: GAME LOST 0-7.

To CONTROL the beast you need at least 2 miniatures within 4" of it, and having more army points than your rival within those 4".
To DISPUTE the beast you have a miniature within 4" of it but you don't CONTROL it.

Special rules.
The beast.
Mov (6-6), CC(22), BS (5), FIS (15),VOL (15), ARM (3), BTS (3), W (3), S().
No cube. Skills: Total immunity, Sixth sense L2, Multiterrain, Courage,
Weapons: Big claws AP CCW.

The beast will move (short skill) towards the closer miniature at the beginning of each turn trying to enter in close combat against him/her. The beast doesn't provide AROs, exept when in close combat with another miniature and only to that one.
It will react by dodging or intercept. When dodging it will try to approach to the closest miniature.
The stats of the creature can not be copied by any skill.
Tranquilizer ammo.
Every miniature carry that special ammunition that can be used in CC or in a BS weapon (without template) reducing the burst to 1. This ammunition can be used only against the beast. If the beast is hit by this ammunition it will have to pass a BTS roll against damage 15 if it fails it gets a Sedated marker. The beast falls unconscious when it gets so many Sedated markers as Wounds it has remaining. At the beginning of its turn, one of the Sedated markers is removed from the beast. If it has more wounds that sedated markers then it the unconscious state is cancelled.
The blood sample.
Once unconscious, a doctor (or a G:server) base to base with the beast can obtain a blood sample using a short skill and succeeding on a normal WIP roll. A miniature with medikit can try to take the sample, with a WIP-3 roll. Every time that a miniature with medikit fails his/her roll, remove a Sedated marker from the beast. The blood sample must be kept by the miniature that took it, it cannot be transfered to another miniature by any way, trick or cheat. If the miniature dies, you will need another sample!

Mission 3: Hamburger hill roof.
The objective of the mission consists on controlling a vital communication node of the city.
The player with more army points on the roof at the end of the game controls the roof.
The game lasts 3 turns.
Simple, fast and bloody.

Victory points:
Someone on the roof: 2VP
Control the node: 3VP
For being the only one on the roof: 1VP
Kill more army points than your rival: 1VP
Your lieutenant ends the game on the roof (I would like to see that!): 3VP


Treitak Sorat/ Combined Army
Quase/ Haqqislam
Bawon Samdi / Imperial Service.
Spanish_Phyco/ Japanese Sectorial Army.
DielDien/ depends on the rest, on the weather...
Warcor - Oost-vlaanderen Belgique
Je ne parle pas Français - English spoken

Bawon Samdi

Unfortunetelly, due to a familly event (nothing serious don't worry) i will not be able to attend to your tournament.
I'm very sorry because i really wanted to come. I've even tested my army list last friday night.


Warcor - Oost-vlaanderen Belgique
Je ne parle pas Français - English spoken


Unfortunately, it's the same week-end than the Made In Asia...

I won't be able to join you  :(


Warcor - Oost-vlaanderen Belgique
Je ne parle pas Français - English spoken