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[Fanfic] [eng] Blood Rush

Démarré par Wizzy, 25 Novembre 2023 à 11:42:01

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25 Novembre 2023 à 11:42:01 Dernière édition: 29 Novembre 2023 à 16:02:30 par Wizzy
Hello la Sphère,

Voici l'indexation d'une nouvelle en anglais pour infinty trouvée quelque part durant ces derniers mois. Ca s'appelle Blood Rush.

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Blood Rush - A story of hunters and hunted

"Squad Omega-Zero-One. Check for radio comm." Talked the knight commander though their integrated radio.
Three soldiers signed back "all clear". They were before him, standing up and holding to the roof of a dropship by some handles. All looks were concentrated on his cross-shaped visor.

The squad was composed of an engineer, a Crozier, and a Black Friar.

"I'll repeat why we are here. HQ was informed that someone infiltrated our border at the same time as someone else broke inside one of the command centres in Kaldstrøm. Now, how and who did it, our friends from the Hexas forgot to tell us. What should concern us, for them, is that we recover back the data chips or destroy them. In any case, we have been ordered to kill whoever may have seen the info. Understood?"
The soldiers unsheathed their knightly blades, weapons from another age, one marked their status as warriors of the Orders, and in unison: "By God we march, for God we fight!"

The aircraft trembled, and a red light on the back of the dropship turned green. One of the pilots' voices announced the landing. The back's access ramp lowered, letting inside a cold breeze.

The outside was a green sight: a small and flat square of light green lawn enclosed in a dark green forest. The squad moved out of the aircraft, its colours and insignias marking it as one of the Orders' and it tool position around, their weapons pointed to the surrounding forest. Sister Yvonne had climbed on the top of a large rock and stood there, her visor scanning the surroundings with the stance of a preying hawk. The lieutenant stared at her weapon, a missile launcher, large just enough for her to wield it.
She was his best trooper, and the one he could always rely on, no matter how impossible the odds. He thanked God once more she was his ally and not someone to fight against.

Another dropship landed, and the crew quickly disembarked their cargo: a large container that looked like a high-tech sarcophagus. They moved aside as they spotted the officer, saluting it. He returned the gesture.

He took off his coat a computer chip. As he placed it closer, on the surface was revealed a keyhole and a keyboard. He inserted the chip inside and digited a secret code. In reply, the sarcophagus hissed, and its cargo was set free.

"Raise, and let your wings be free!" He shouted, his voice betraying his excitement.

A mechanised hand rose from it, followed by the rest of its chassis. A Seraph-class TAG stood off the container, its aura inspired both awe and dread in those present. In one hand stood an almost ridiculously large sword; in the other a giant-sized spitfire machine gun. He towered above them all, but its chassis made it look slenderer than expected from its tonnage.

"Seraph 44-56-S. Online and running. Ready to unleash blood and fire in His name."

The lieutenant saluted it and smiled underneath. A machine like this was a rare sight even between them. And usually the last thing any enemy would see, he thought...

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