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Warcor's corner.
« le: 04 septembre 2014 à 22:45:56 »
Hi everybody,
for the moment I'm the only Warcor in Belgium, so I'm at your service. I'm a Spanish veteran player who moved two years and a half ago to Gent (Gand, Gante). I play PanO, Combined Army, Nomads and Hassassins. I don't speak French, but that's not my worst defect  :P
As you can see here  I'm doing also some promo around the Operation: Icestorm box. If you are interested, let me know.
I'll be in the 2nd Belgian Tournament in Liège, I hope to see you all there.
Warcor - Oost-vlaanderen Belgique
Je ne parle pas Français - English spoken


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